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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Michael Jackson Vs Prince

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What are the answers? At this new website we believe we have most of the answers from people who were there and saw what was going on first hand. A lot of people say if Prince’s music was so good and all that, why don’t we hear him on the radio like Beyonce, Snoop Dog, Kanya West and J- Z? That’s because most people don’t know how radio air play works. If Prince wanted a good song from a cd to be played in regular rotation he could get it done. All of the above mentioned artists paid anywhere from $200,000 to $1,000,000 million dollars to an Independent Promoter to be placed in regular rotation nationally. It’s got nothing to do with how popular you are (e.g. Beyonce). With their connections with the radio stations they get the job done. The music industry is another subject matter that must be discussed to educate the uninformed public of the inner workings of this vast empire and how Prince and Michael were both ripped off by the major labels, along with a long line of other entertainers.

What if Prince had stood next to and sang with Michael Jackson? What was their relationship like? How did they feel about each other personally and musically? What was it like to hear them on the radio like Beyonce? Michael Jackson VS Prince is a new website developed to further explore these mega superstars’ careers and musical contributions to the world. At one point Quincy Jones tried to bring the two of them together. What most people don’t know is that Prince was asked to appear on the Michael Jackson ‘Bad’ album of 1987. The new Michael Jackson VS Prince website has some of the answers to these questions regarding the two largest icons of the 21st century and how they felt about each other, these two of the largest egos in music. Michael was a star before anyone new who Prince was, so how did Prince feel about the Jackson 5 performing their music during his Minneapolis days?

The big fallout between Prince and the music industry came about for him not appearing on the ‘We are the world’ video, when he would have stood next to and sang with Michael Jackson. What was the hold up which could have seen the pairing of two of the biggest superstars of the music world? At this new website we will explore these questions.

How does Prince feel that his biggest rival is no longer with us? In 1984 James Brown performed at the Beverly Theater in LA and he invited MJ and Prince on stage, this being the only time both stars have been known to appear on stage together. With Michael no longer with us we wonder how Prince is feeling now that his biggest and only rival is no longer here. These and other questions we will answer on this website.

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